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[Pinned] MA FAQ
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[Pinned] MA FAQ

Moba AllStars FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):1) Why should I play MA and not my regular XXX Moba?Well, first of all MA is a standalone mod that is not meant to replace any moba of your preference but rather enhance your experience and give you s...
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Questions and Suggestions


Pleas Delete all Items from buyshop leave bot;s +80 and +90.All rest like chest,helmets and swords... Make Custom Iteam and Bosses all ower map to drop them.Just one map Please.
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Questions and Suggestions

Server Problem

The game is great however need a global server for be competitive and fun.
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Questions and Suggestions

Courier and tutorial for the shop

Well the buy system and variety of items is awesome but really hard to understand when you play the first time (im still learning) maybe you guys can create a more complete tutorial on how to use it because i dont even know how to call the courier...
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