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Technical Support

[Pinned] MA System Requirements

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications to run Moba AllStars: LegendsWe strongly advise players to use components closer to the recommended system requirements (Even more important for Server Hosts). While the game will functio...
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Valmont0152Small Valmont 1y
Technical Support

No admin rights Installer and/or executable MobaAllstars.exe

Hi!Could you release an installer that does't require Admin Rights and executable.I managed to install on my pc, but to run it on cybercoffe I need the main execubable not to need Administrator Rights. Now, only need MobaAllstars.exe withou Admini...
Member avatar small Tequemoflia 1y
Tequemoflia0236Member avatar small Tequemoflia 1y
Technical Support

Weather changer not working

As the title says,weather change menu is not working at least the weather not change in game.
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Granola-of-Chaos4236Small Valmont 1y
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