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Changelog from Release Candidate (RC) 0.5 to Version 1.0 (Release Version)



+Aldebaran: The Minotaur (Inspired by Earthshaker)
Added Staff of the Master effect: His W now allows Aldebaran to jump over 800 distance and use the ability upon landing, diminishing the requirement of a portal key (blink dagger) on the hero.

+Hercules: Greek Hero (Inspired by Sven)
Added Staff of the Master effect: Ulti now increases the damage of all nearby allies when cast as well as giving Hercules additional 5,10,15 Strength and increased damage.

+Hattori Hanso: The Samurai (Inspired by Juggernaut)
Improved Staff of the Master effect: Ulti cooldown reduced to 70 seconds, deals more slashes.

+Po the Mighty Panda (Inspired by Pandamonium)
Panda’s Alt Avatar death animation fixed.

+Zeus: Ruler of Olympus (Inspired by Zeus)
Zeus lightning abilities impact effects’ textures fixed.

+King Leoric: The Undying (Inspired by Dota’s Leoric)
Fixed Critical Damage Aura texture bug on ally heroes.

+ Hyperion: The Sun Titan (Inspired by Solstice)
Balanced Hyperion Stats. (Slight Nerf)

+ Thanatos: Angel of Death (Inspired by Lord Salforis)
His aura (E) bug that made it remain even after he was dead has been fixed.

+Colossus of Rhodes (Inspired by Magnataur)
E: Added new running animation for the charge.
Added Staff of the Master effect: Increases Radius from 410 to 500, increases damage and stun duration.

+Aang the Last Airbender (Inspired by Diablo 3’s Monk and LoL’s Lee Sin)
Made his Q to perform a Dash instead of a Blink, play an animation at landing.

+Bacab: Mayan Guardian (Inspired by Bristleback)
Remade Bacab into a more fun version of Bristleback/Armadon. (New E allows him to roll)

+Awilix: Mayan Huntress (Inspired by the Drow Ranger and Clinks)
Made her voice change when she is in panther form.

+Poseidon (Inspired by Enigma)
Fixed Attack Impact effects not playing.

+ Mordred the Dark Knight (Inspired by Chaos Knight)
Slight buff to his Chaos Bolt (Q) Speed.

+ Merlin (Inspired by Silencer)
Mayor remake.

+Morgana Le Fey (Inspired by Rift Mage)
Minor Remake.

+Dwarven Sniper
New E: Sets a Sniper’s Nest where the dwarf becomes invisible while not attacking and gaining increased visibility and attack range. Current W and E merged together with a slight nerf.

+Maximus the Gladiator (Inspired by Huskar)
Added Chariot effect for Ultimate.

+Seth (Inspired by Spectre)
Q: Now auto tracks enemies if clicked on them.

+Lazarus the Necromancer: (Inspired by Diablo 2’s Necromancer)
Minor remake, now has skeleton mastery and new zombies.

+Ent Corruptor (Inspired by Deadwood)
R: Ultimate remake, now it creates a huge circle of carnivore plants around him.

+Jupiter: The Ursurper (Inspired by Stormspirit)
R: Now Jupiter becomes an electric bolt while using his ultimate.

+Blackbeard: Undead Pirate (Inspired by Naga Siren)
Added Staff of the Master effect: Ulti now also heals allies in range for the duration.

+Perseus: Pegasus Rider (Inspired by Vengeful Spirit)
Added Staff of the Master effect: Now when Perseus uses his ultimate he also refreshes his other abilities. Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.

+The Archangel (Inspired by HotS Tyrael)
Total Remake to make the hero more fun and give him a Staff of the Master improvement to make him more offensive. (Thanks Stephan!)


+Version 1.0 adds several Avatars and Skins for some Heroes, but it also adds completely different Heroes that are chosen as if they were Alt Avatars.


+ New Skin for Po: The Mighty Panda
King Fu Master: Tiger


+ New Alternative Avatar for Hattori Hanso
Legolas: The Sindarin Elf

+ New Alternative Avatar for Nemesis: Goddess of Vengeance
Maiev: The Dark/Night Elf.

+ New Alternative Avatar for The Satyr
Troll Headhunter

+ New Alternative Avatar for Kraken
Davy Jones

+ New Alternative Avatar for Admiral Jones
Indiana Jones

+ New Alternative Avatar for Frankenstein
Captain Hook


+ New Alternative Hero for Merlin
Peter Pan

+ New Alternative Hero for Arachne
The Queen of Pain

+ New Alternative Hero for Morgana
The Blood Elf

+ New Alternative Hero for Van Helsing
Dwarven Blacksmith

+ New Alternative Hero for Roshi
The Chipper. (Inspired by Thinker)

+ New Alternative Hero for Treant Protector
Treant Corruptor

+ New Alternative Hero for Dasdan: The Persian Prince
Persian Immortal (Inspired by Phantom Assassin)

+ New Alternative Hero for Ravana: The Demon King
Goliath: The Stone Gargoyle (Inspired by Bloodseeker)

+ New Alternative Hero for The Dwarven Sniper
The Goblin Techies (Inspired by The Engineer)


+Added 8 custom Maps besides the regular Olympus Map:

Asgard (2 lanes),
Mayan Jungle (1 lane all mid),
Minos Labyrinth (No lanes just jungle),
Persian Pass (2 Lanes),
Road to Rome (1 Lane),
Sanctuary (4 Lanes),
Sherwood Forest (2 Lanes),
Three Kingdoms (3 Lanes).


+Added Bot Support for all 8 custom Maps
Bots will now use all the lanes, gank, defend and push no matter how many lanes the custom map has. (Only map that might not work is Minos’ Labyrinth since it has no lanes just jungle).

+Hard Difficulty Ai Bots
In the “Addons” folder there is a file called “resources06HardAi”, move that file to your “MA Legends v1.0\game” folder and you will have the Harder Difficulty Bots in your game. To restore the Default Normal Difficulty Bots just move this file back to the Addons folder or delete it.


+Rewamped Healthbars
Made healthbars wider and have black background.

+In game Abilities UI
Made a new, better effect to show that you have leveled up and have points to distribute. (thanks Juanca for the feedback!).

Fixed Evil side using the old frames.

New HD texture for Zeus by Transilvanian Vampyr, improved effects.


+Updated UI/abilities/hero’s descriptions
Full English and Spanish support, partial Portuguese, French and German support.

New sides are Good and Evil. You basically don’t choose a team anymore, you now choose an alignment for your God, Demigod, Titan, Hero, Champion, Beast, Monster or Demon.

Rearranged stringtables format so it is much easier to update and mod in the future.


+New Soundtrack
Completely New Sound Track (14 Epic new music tracks remastered exclusively for Moba AllStars: Legends)


+HD textures
Completely New HD textures for all heroes, NPCs, Buildings and map assets.

+Texture Optimization
Custom Texture optimization and cleanup to reduce crashes.
Moba AllStars Dev
Bringing all your favourite Heroes and Champions, from all MOBAS into one mod!
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