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Moba AllStars FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1) Why should I play MA and not my regular XXX Moba?

Well, first of all MA is a standalone mod that is not meant to replace any moba of your preference but rather enhance your experience and give you something many gamers desire:

- A way to pit their favorite Heroes and Champions from XXX Moba against Heroes and Champions from other Mobas!

But MA doesn't do just that, it also gives players:

- A unified context and balance so that those fights between different mobas' heroes and champions would be fair and somewhat even.

- Enough diversification so that heroes and champions' roles and abilities would not overlap even if they do overlap in their original mobas.

2) Why is my hero/champion XXX not exactly the same in MA?

This is closely related to the previous answer: Heroes and Champions in MA are not exact replicas of their original counterparts but rather are inspired by them. This helps us avoid any legal/copyright problems and also gives MA devs the opportunity to make the heroes/champions more unique while keeping their souls intact (in most cases) avoiding overlapping of abilities and roles.

- As a result even if you are very familiar with a particular hero/champion the chances are that when you are playing MA the with the same hero concept it would still quite refreshing and a somewhat "new" experience.

- Additionally, MA Brings heroes/champions that you could not have on your team before, like for example having Smite and LoL Champions playing along your Dota Hero, thus providing you with many new, previously impossible, and pretty awesome combinations.

The same can be said for the enemy team as you will be facing enemy combinations you could never face before and you will need to adapt to them or perish trying.

There are many other reason why you should try MA, and many of them can be found in our official MAIN FEATURES post Here:

3) How can I play with my friends online?

Currently MA only officially supports LAN play, meaning that you will have to be in a LAN network or use a LAN over Internet Emulator such as Hammachi, Evolve, Tunngle or Gameranger in order to play multiplayer matches.

We are currently talking with 3 of them to provide official support for MA for version 2.0 which will hopefully come soon after version 1.0 is released, as that first version will show them just how good and how much potential our client has.

4) I can play the game just fine but it keeps crashing, what can I do?

To avoid crashes, you must:

- Always restart the client after each play.
- Do not alt-tab during gameplay as loosing focus will make the game unstable.
- Do not use programs that make the game to lose focus (like overlays and such).
- Lower your graphics quality until it is stable.
- If playing Coop, reduce the amount of ai bots in the match (adding bots manually instead of using the "practice" button).
- When playing against many other human players avoid adding ai bots since the PVP only matches are more stable.
- Delete the "MobaAllStars 1.0" folder in My Documents.
- Download and install the latest DirectX 9 and Driver for your Graphics Card.

If none of the above fixes your crashing, please post on our support forums.

5) I am a Smite/HotS player, what does MA has to offer for me?

MA is especially sweet for Smite players, as they will be able to play with their favorite Gods and Titans' concepts but from an entirely different perspective!

As for HotS players, MA lets them play the heroes they’ve come to love but with an item store from which they can customize their heroes even further bringing another dimension to their gameplay.

6)I want to try a match against bots / customize my Coop Experience, how can I do that?

The easiest way is to just click the “Practice” Button on the Main Screen and then picking your hero/champion and that’s it.

But you can also customize your Coop experience by Adding Ai Bots manually!

In order to do so host normal game (not practice), once inside the game click on the "Add Ai Bots" button on the top right of the screen and then choose a hero to spawn.

Add Ai Bot In Game Menu

It is very important thou:
That side line bots must be spawned at the river towers while the mid bot must be spawned at their side's fountain. Also, Good Bots must be spawned on the Good Side and remember to change "Choose Side" to “Evil” when spawing bots for the Evil Side.
You must always choose Good Ai Bots from the Good Heroes pool and Evil Heroes from the Evil Heroes Pool, using a Good Ai Bot on the Evil side will lead to problems.
Also, max of 5 bots per team, otherwise the client becomes unstable.

This youtube video shows exactly how to add Ai Bots at the correct locations:

Finally, MA is a nice platform to get a little “taste” of what other Mobas have to offer and help you “make a decision” on staying with your current Moba or jumping ship to another.
Moba AllStars Dev
Bringing all your favourite Heroes and Champions, from all MOBAS into one mod!
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