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- 102 Heroes and Champions to Choose From: Inspired by the currently most popular MOBAS (Dota, LoL, Smite, HotS and HoN) heroes and champions. Each with their own Lore, Detailed Stories, Arch Enemies and Motives to fight, be it for the Good or the Evil side.

- Over 400 Unique Abilities: No hero or champion could have similar/repeated abilities. Their abilities must stay true to their role, lore, strengths and weaknesses, while also synergizing with both, their allies and their own abilities.

- Over 142 items and weapons: Powerful artifacts, potions, relics, weapons, armour and many other tools are available for every hero to customize their experiences at the items store. (Most Items are inspired on Dota).

- Brand new HD Graphics: Everything from HD Textures and High Polygon count Models with Fluid Animations and amazing effects are implemented in MA to bring the ultimate experience when it comes to gameplay.

- Dota's Classic Map, as well as 7 new Custom Maps: We wanted to deliver a main map (Olympus) that stays true to Dota's main map as much as possible while also bringing new features like modern graphical fidelity, HD models and effects etc. Also having lots of mappers in the modding team we could not help it that there would be many new maps that could be considered fun enough to be labeled “Official” so we have included then as Custom Maps in the client.

All MA custom maps feature unique assets, different amount of lanes, Ai Bots and Coop/PVP Multiplayer Support!

- Much Improved UI: The in game and general UI has been greatly improved letting you see more of the action and being less cluttered. Inspired by those amazing UI elements found in games like Diablo 3 and newer Mobas to bring the best possible experience for players.

- State of the Art Artificial Intelligence with Coop Support: We managed to incorporate and in fact make COOP play an essential part of MA's gaming experience.

By optimizing and refining the Engine's default Ai support we managed to incorporate a substantial number of heroes and champions with Ai support, being capable of:

* Using all lanes and coordinate with the team appropriately
* Ganks, Ambushes and Harasses the Enemy Team.
* Support ally heroes.
* Having their own personalities allows them to make mistakes and be somewhat unpredictable like human players would be.
* Use items (including consumables) and abilities to their fullest potential.

Server Hosts can spawn bots on any side or lane to create customized experiences, for example 5 humans versus 5 bots, mixed matches with human and bots on both sides or crazy 3 humans versus 6 bots mayhems.

With all these features It has never been so easy to test your favorite heroes and champions against Ai opponents before going into the unforgiving full blown PVP matches.

- Replay Recording: Another missing feature in the W3 engine was the ability to record replays easily. With this feature all you need to do is a simple check at the start of the game to record gameplay. Players can later watch their replays with several options like rewinding, pausing, replay speed and much more.

- Reconnect Feature: Lost connections are not a problem for the MA client, as players can restart their clients and the game will automatically detect if a reconnection is possible.

- Mod Support: Just like we created this mod anyone will be able to make modifications to it. We will be providing the tools and know-how for players to change the game as they see fit, creating their own custom heroes, maps or whatever they see fit. And since MA allows players to host their own servers they can easily share their work with friends to try it in multiplayer matches or locally against Ai Opponents.

- Customizable, easy to host Servers: With options like:
* Setting up the Speed of the Game
* Pausing/Unpausing
* Local Area Network (LAN) Support via TCP/IP Protocol with AutoDetect Matches and Connect to IP.
* Online Multiplayer Support via popular clients like:
- Evolve (
- Tunngle (
- Hamachi (
- Gameranger (

- Optimized (not dumbed down) experience with Hardcore Gameplay Mechanics: With so many new features over what Warcraft 3 had, like:

* Much improved Items store usability and descriptions.
* Recommended items for your hero right there on the unified items store.
* In game hero guides with even more items builds, ability builds, role and general information about your current hero/champion.
* Hero/champion customization with alternative skins and models.

All these previous points aim to eliminate the restrains and limitations of the W3 engine while also retaining most of the hardcore elements that made Dota so special.

- Brand new SoundTrack: No stand alone complete conversion could be truly complete without a brand new action packed soundtrack to match the frenetic experience.

- Multiple Language Support: With English and Spanish fully supported, MA offers the possibility of being translated into several other languages and the team is continuously working on recruiting new translators into the team.

- Multi Language Support : Currently MA is translated 100% into English and Spanish while French, German and Portuguese are arround 50% but usable. Russian, Chinese and Korean coming soon! Enjoy MA in your language!

- Online Support: -Coming Soon TM!- We are currently talking with all 3 mayor Online Lan Play clients (Gameranger, Evolve and Tunngle) and bring official support for MA Online Play. We will be unifying a platform for version 2.0 so you will soon be able to play online with friends more easily and in one place!

- Modern, heavily modded, much improved S2 2009 Engine: Being stuck with a very early (old) version of the S2 engine we had to do some heavy modifications to it but in the end we managed to suit it to the mod's needs. That being said there is still a lot of improvements we would like to make to the engine in the foreseeable future.
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Bringing all your favourite Heroes and Champions, from all MOBAS into one mod!
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