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The MA team is looking for talented video makers that can help us fill our Youtube channel with Gameplay and specially Tutorial Videos and content.

If you have experience doing Youtube Videos, specially:

Top Plays

Due to the recent release of the standalone mod what new players currently demand the most are Tutorial Videos on:

- What is Moba Allstars and what makes it worth playing.
- Highlights on some of the most important MA Features.
- How to create their own PVP/COOP Servers.
- How to Add Bots for Online/Offline COOP Gameplay.
- How to play Online using Gameranger/Evolve/Tunngle/Hamachi or LAN.
- Some Heroes/Champions Spotlights.

If you are interested in helping the mod please send us an email to or contact us on Skype, user moba.allstars.


Moba AllStars Dev
Bringing all your favourite Heroes and Champions, from all MOBAS into one mod!
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