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Community Positions - How To Apply
Moderator, Tech Support, Community Event Team (CET), Beta Testers.

A number of positions are available as Forum Moderators, Tech Support, Community Event Team Member and Beta Testers.

See below for more details of each group and how to apply.

We do receive quite a lot of applications, so they take some time to sort through and read. Expect to wait approximately ONE week for a response.

We do not send rejection messages due to the mass volume of applications.

Forum Moderator
Recruiting Now

Moderators are well-coordinated and essential in helping to maintain the forum sections and guide the vast influx of posts/threads every day. As they play a central role in facilitating communication within the community and between other staff members, their work is in many ways linked to every aspect of the game.

Minimum Requirements

Usually one moderator dedicates all his attention to one section of his choice/expertise. A Strategy moderator is required to be a decent player himself, a Mechanics moderator needs to know how the core aspects of the game work and a Training Grounds moderator needs to be willing to help out newbies on a daily basis.

The perfect moderators...
Are willing and able to use Skype on a daily basis. (quite useful)
Are active forum users.
Show a good command of the English language and are capable of presenting themselves in a professional manner.
Have prior experience in dealing with players and users, or show willingness in learning how to do so.
Are willing to dedicate a good amount of time every day to their specific section.
Have a good mindset for handling difficult situations.

This is also a volunteer position.

Beta Testers
Recruitment CLOSED

Take part in the testing of new patches and content during the two weeks before they are released. Help uncover bugs to make sure that patches go live without or being broken! This position has no requirement.

Minimum Requirements

Must be able to host their own servers, exceed the minimum system requirements to handle the clients and have at least 2MB Broadband Download/Upload connections.

(The vast majority of Beta Testing games are played on North/South American Servers, a few on European. If EU is unplayable for you due to ping then you will have a hard time meeting activity requirements unless you are very good at finding bugs in practice mode)

Knowledge of game mechanics and English writing skills.
Must have a positive attitude and a willingness to play games of varying skill level.
At least 3 forum posts.
(This is mainly to ensure knowledge of the basic forum functions. Do NOT just spam three posts, however)

We are looking to fill this roster quickly to supplement our current testing of new content. At this moment we are accepting testers from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The purpose of this position is to play as many games as possible in order to uncover bugs and leave feedback on them.

Community Event Team (CET)
Currently Recruiting

The Community Event Team. Join the group that everyone loves and appreciates for their sole purpose is to give back to the community and provide endless of entertainment in the form of contests! Help brainstorm new ideas, create contests, judge submissions and give out rewards!

Minimum Requirements

Be available to work at least 2 hours a week.
Be fluent in both reading and writing in English.
Take full responsibility for assigned tasks/events/tournaments etc.
Act professional on the forums and in-game at all times.
A positive attitude.
Have at least 5 forum posts.
(This is done to ensure that you know exactly what you're doing on the forum. Do NOT spam 20 posts until you can apply!)

Send your applications to our email:

In that email you must specify your previous experience in the role you are applying to (if any) and reason why you think you should be given a Community Position.

Thanks, and good luck!!
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