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#14845640 Aug 27, 2021 at 04:42 AM
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I also am nearly filling for online divorce in Florida My husband and I have been together for more than 7 years and married for very nearly 2. We have 4 kids. He two or three days out of the week for work yet other then that he telecommutes. I'll return home to see him on my lunch since I don't work a long way from home and each time I do he's gaming. Doesn't recognize me or anything. Our children get off the transport from school around 3:30 and I'm typically home from work by 5, when I stroll in, he's actually gaming. I'll make supper immediately in light of the fact that the children are starving since he doesn't get some down time to make them a tidbit and in any event, when supper is done, he gets his plate, will not dine with us and proceeds with his games. There's positively no closeness left between us along these lines. I at long last got so vexed about it last week that I turned off his ps4 and he in a real sense tossed our Christmas tree and broke different things directly before our children! I'm confounded. I conversed with him about going to advising and he promptly declined it. I love him so much and it's making me extremely upset yet I feel that divorce is the solitary way now. Beside the hurt and disregard I'm going through I can't envision what my children are feeling. It's to where my lone alternative is to leave to ensure them! This is horrible quality of life!!
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