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Another prominent feature in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is the Pokemon Watch. The Poketch was a feature that utilized the touch screen of the DS and had many applications the player could unlock. As the remakes will be on the Nintendo Switch, this always-on feature is in-line for some change, though how ILCA and Game Freak decide to modernize it will be anyone's guess. Hopefully, more will be learned about this feature soon, though with some applications for the Poketch being useless today it would be a welcome addition with some changes.

In the trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a popular hangout area known as The Underground is shown briefly. In the originals, The Underground was the first live hangout area players could run around and see their friends in. It relied on local wireless, and players could endlessly hunt for fossils using the touch screen. Another aspect of The Underground was a feature borrowed from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: Secret Bases. Players could freely visit each other's bases, and with Switch multiplayer a big aspect of the console's features, how these features will be reworked will be interesting to see.Shiny Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

If fans of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are expected to revisit the Sinnoh region again in these upcoming remakes, there should be something new and rewarding for old players to discover. Amity Square was an area that allowed players to bring a tiny fraction of Pokemon along for a walk in a small, enclosed area, a feature that would become a large part of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. If the Amity Square is a feature that is brought back in its old form it will feel like a major step backward. To improve upon it, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl could introduce Pokemon following the player again, as it has continued to be a requested feature since Pokemon HGSS.
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