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#14918755 Oct 30, 2021 at 08:36 AM
Think (differently).
I don't doubt your mental capacity and that you think regularly. But to write a great allassignmenthelp review, you have to think a little differently, practicing critical thinking, analyzing the situation and looking at it from different angles.

I am sure that you probably have an formed opinion about many issues and topics, all that is left is to learn how to analyze your own opinion.

Start with some simple exercises:

Each time you agree or disagree with someone, highlight three (or more) reasons why you support or disagree with that opinion.
When voicing your point of view, highlight several reasons why others should agree with it.
Think about problems and solutions, and find advantages and disadvantages of phenomena and objects around you.
Your task is not only to voice your opinion and your position, but also to learn how to argue and clearly justify it.

It's the same with essays. After reading the assignment, you always answer the questions:

Do you agree or disagree?
To what extent do you agree?
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
What are the reasons?
And once you have formed an opinion, immediately answer the question, "Why do I think so?" and write down your ideas, arguments, and examples.

If there are no new and fresh ideas in your long-suffering head, discuss the topics with other people. An outside view is always helpful.

If you are preparing in a group, your instructor should initiate discussions in your essay preparation, in which you can exchange opinions with your classmates. And in individual classes, the instructor's job is to discuss the assignment with you, to help with the choice of arguments and structure.

But when preparing independently, it is more difficult to find interested interlocutors.
Discuss essay topics with friends, parents, and relatives. Ask them to express their opinions, highlight advantages and disadvantages, suggest solutions. To be properly understood, explain that you are preparing for an exam, and ask for your time. I think no one will refuse. The discussion does not have to be in English.
Memorize, write down all your thoughts, and then choose the most successful ones that you use in your essay. Already in English, of course.

Read and analyze.
You will not learn how to write exam essays if you read the original Shakespeare. Reading posts about the life of a popular Instagram blogger won't teach you how to tackle the Writing Part, either. To learn how to write an essay, you have to read - guess what? - Quality essay examples!

Read and take apart the model answers.
If you're studying with an instructor, he or she will find the right materials and show you how to analyze them. If you're a loner, the Internet is there to help you. There are tons of essays on websites.

What to do with them? It is important for you to learn how to highlight the author's main ideas and his arguments, that is, to do the reverse action - from the finished essay to the plan, from the plan - to the main ideas.

Is it worth memorizing and memorizing other people's ideas?
I don't think it's effective. You never know what topic you will come across, so memorizing is not the most reliable option. You need to learn to generate YOUR IDEAS, to formulate your own point of view. Focus on developing this skill in yourself.

The time to prepare is to review the maximum number of topics that the exam offers, to analyze them. If you don't have time to write an essay on all the assignments you are analyzing, then take the trouble to make plans and think through ideas and arguments.

Most of us are visualists; we perceive information visually. When we see with our eyes, visually, we remember data better.

If the topic seems abstract or far from reality to you, try to imagine the situation: real people who face this or that problem, put yourself in that situation.

Imagine people going to universities, cars polluting the air, big budgets invested in space exploration, juries passing verdicts, children playing games on cell phones...

When you associate yourself with a situation, it's much easier to analyze it. Engage your imagination, don't be afraid to generate any ideas, and then choose from them the most relevant to your task.
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