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Christmas sale! Enter discount code XMAS to get 32% discount!

Christmas is coming soon, Let me introduce to you a few very good eco farm grow light sold on our website recently: commercial grow lights.
Next, I would like to recommend two products around this type:

1.ECO Farm Z6/ Z8 Series 600W/800W LED Led Grow Lights Strips UV IR Separately Control Light With Samsung 301B Chips

- The emitted ECO Farm Z6/Z8 series lights are the most average, just like sunlight, which can provide the corner plants lights as much as to the center plants.
- Independent 3 channels spectrum control. Our UV IR are separate switch control. UV IR separate switch control can optimal growth, which could improve flower quality and yield.
- The changeable spectrum is suitable for different scenes, as well as different plant growth periods.
- ECO Farm Z-series light features full-spectrum white Samsung LM301B diodes, 660nm Deep Red diodes, 730nm IR diodes, 395nm UV diodes.
- Removable and replaceable lightbars, modular installation
- Passive cooling design
- Good for tent & vertical & greenhouse & commercial grow.
- Maximize every inch of your garden with ECO Farm Z6/Z8 series light on the market, corner to corner.
- IR is used when decides to switch the plant from the VEG stage to the flowering stage.
- UV is recommended to turn on in the last two weeks of the flowering stage.

2.ECO Farm ECOP Samsung LM301B Chips 120W/240W/320W/480W/640W Quantum Board Led Grow Lights

- ECO Farm ECOP series quantum board provides highly efficient spectrum with a healthy red-to-blue ratio to drive photosynthesis Light energy between 500-599nm, which penetrates deeper into the plant canopy promoting photo morphogenic responses. High color rendering "white" light aids to rapidly identify potent al threats to your crop and provides superior working conditions and safety for personnel. Ideal for both flowering and vegetative production.
- Effects of light intensity on plants
- PPFD intensity affects the photosynthesis of plants. In a certain range (below the light saturation point), the higher PPFD, the higher the photosynthetic rate and the higher the plant yield.
- Light compensation point: refers to the light intensity of a plant under a certain light intensity, leaf photosynthetic rate and respiration rate are equal, net photosynthetic rate is zero (organic matter formation and consumption are equal), light intensity is called light compensation point.
- Light saturation point: when the light intensity of plants reaches a certain value, and then increases the light intensity, the photosynthetic rate does not increase, which is the phenomenon of light saturation.
- Light intensity design
- PPFD value plays a very important role in plant growth.

The above are a few products that I have introduced to you. If you are interested or want to learn more about samsung led grow lights, you can visit our official website: enter the discount code: XMAS, you can also get a 32% discount! Hurry up and buy it!
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