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#14941498 Mar 02, 2022 at 01:16 AM
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There's no denying that the Warriors of The Lost Ark are the easiest game for players to pick up and throw into battle right away.

With above-average survivability, damage output, and total potential health pool, the Warrior subclass is an essential piece of gear for the standard dungeon raid team. Although the warriors are far from movement, they have the advantage that most enemy NPC tribes are designed to move towards the player, thus minimizing their greatest weaknesses by naturally reducing distance.

However, by choosing the Paladin subprofession, warriors gain an opportunity to bestow happiness on their allies in the form of support skills and AoE gains.

Playstyle: Anchor

In a shared dungeon crawl party, players typically circle the paladin if the group has one.

With a large pool of health and defensive abilities, the Paladin is ideal for drawing the attention of passing enemies and reducing their aggression. Naturally, as the enemy moves towards the paladin, his allies will join the fight around him and draw closer together.

With this anticipated change in team play style, most of the Paladin's skills provide a benefit to any nearby allies.

Wrath of God: A bolt of AoE creates a circle at the Paladin's feet, staggering nearby enemies and preventing them from attacking their teammates.
Divine Strike: A long-range, easily-located AoE burst with the same staggered target as Wrath of God, but at a longer range.
Divine Protection: Deals 11% temporary health bar gain to the caster and all teammates within range

Priorities and devotions

In addition to the various support options included in the Paladin kit, what sets it apart from the other two warrior classes is the inclusion of the Piety meter.

When the Paladin deals damage in combat, Piety is added to the center sphere of the HUD. Once this meter is full, the paladin can use one of two skills to boost himself or his allies depending on the situation. Or buy lost ark gold to make it much easier.

Divine Enforcer: Only increases the Paladin's attack range and damage, and is best suited for solo play or in a party lacking a large number of damage carriers.
Divine Aura: Adds damage to nearby friends' attacks and increases the output of heavy DPS teams that manage to work and play together.
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