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Preparing an art subject in the glossary manner for the third grade of primary school, second semester
Objectives of teaching art education:

Developing the artistic vision in what God Almighty has created by identifying the surrounding environment and its various elements such as trees, plants, mountains, seas...etc, and determining the aesthetic values

Enjoying the beauty of nature and its various manifestations, which develops the students' artistic awareness of balance and organization, as well as contrast and harmony in nature.
[url=]توزيع لغتى اول متوسط الفصل الثالث
[/url]That the students become accustomed to cooperation, order, and cleanliness while performing the various artistic activities.

The students learn about the different environmental materials and ways of using and benefiting from them.

Training students to use tools and materials, so they gain different skills.

Training students on printing and weaving methods and using them in practical life.

Training the students to form and build some natural and manufactured models.

He occupied his free time with the student's various artistic fruits.

Encouraging students to research, experiment and innovate, which develops in them fluency, flexibility and adaptability.

Getting to know the artistic heritage, whether primitive, folk, and Islamic arts, and what is appropriate for students at this stage.

During the practice of artistic work, the students have technical skills, experience, taste, love of beauty and sensitivity, which is reflected in their dealings and their general behavior in life.
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