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شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض
Water leak inspection services
The Water Leak Inspection Company is characterized by its ability to provide all services and tasks with complete professionalism. It also helps you in providing all services to the residents on a daily basis, in addition to careful examination and detection of the location of leaks with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism by the trained staff on all tasks and among the most important services that can be Submitted by:-
فحص تسربات المياه

Thorough inspection of all taps, sinks and pipes.
Determine the parts to be replaced as well as the parts that need maintenance.
Providing home inspection services and writing comprehensive reports to the tasks that need to be addressed, the work plan followed, and the number of technical staff that complete the maintenance procedures.
Commitment to the agreed work times, number of hours, start and finish in a timely manner, and the provision of labor specialized in dismantling and installation.
Providing spare parts at the lowest possible prices by dealing with the best suppliers.
Treating humidity and heat, which leads to many chronic diseases and affects the lives of chest patients and asthmatics.
Treating cracks in walls and walls, repairing them, using anti-heat and moisture-proof types, getting rid of peeled paints, and restoring the aesthetic appearance.

شركة كشف تسربات المياه
Cheapest water leak detection company
The cheapest water leak inspection company offers the best prices ever and offers special prices for each service so that the customer does not incur additional expenses, as the prices of water leaks in kitchens differ from the prices of water leaks in bathrooms and pipes inspection, along with many other factors represented in:-

How many tools need replacing and what areas need maintenance.
What is the number of workers that must be available to complete the tasks of isolation in full.
The discount period is also one of the factors affecting the price, as an additional discount of more than 50% is offered on inspection services and a discount to previous customers, and new customers are provided with various packages of their own, in addition to the prices of apparent leaks that differ from examining internal or buried water leaks. which need to be broken and the clients contracted for annual maintenance services are provided free of charge to them.

What are the factors that indicate the presence of leaks in buildings?
The presence of some white or yellow spots on the walls as a result of moisture.
The presence of an unpleasant and annoying smell in the entire building and therefore you need to check for water leaks.
Significant rise in the value of water and electricity bills in a short time.
The presence of severe leakage in the water pipes resulting from corrosion and rust in the water pipes.
Exterior veneer of paint falling off the walls.
Tiles and floors break and separate and need maintenance and replacement.

. شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض

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