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The main causes of electricity leakage from homes
The Electricity Leak Detection Company in Riyadh explained a number of reasons that lead to water leaks, the most important of which are the following:

One of the main causes of electrical leaks is the contact of the ends of the wires with each other.
Stripping some parts of wires and electrical connections, as a result of many weather factors, humidity and other factors that lead to corrosion of the outer layer of the wire.
The connection of the corroded parts of the wires to their contact with a metallic material or pipe or other electrically conductive materials that lead to electricity leakage.
One of the most important reasons explained by the detection of electricity leaks in Riyadh, which lead to electricity leakage, is to leave electrical appliances or lights open for long periods.
Leaving the sockets for electrical appliances connected to the electricity while they are not operating, as a result of the mistaken belief that as long as the device is turned off, the electricity will not be withdrawn.
The use of poor quality wires is one of the main causes of electricity leakage.
Increased pressure and electrical loads on wires.
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The importance of detecting electrical leaks
Electricity leaks must be detected to avoid the dangers that result from the presence of leakage, and perhaps one of the most important reasons that lead to continuous detection of electrical wires is the inefficiency or lack of grounding system, and thus this leads to the formation of a great danger in the form of electric shocks that can be fatal upon contact with the ground.

Therefore, electrical equipment equipped with a grounding system is used, because it provides great protection against electric shock in the event of a defect in the insulation, and perhaps another reason for the continuous inspection is the large rise in electricity bills.

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In many cases, damage to many electrical wiring occurs as a result of some problems in the electricity, which are the breaks in the electrical wires, as well as damage to the keys or loosening of some connections and other reasons that can result in electricity leakage, but no There is no need to worry because there are a group of specialized companies in Riyadh that are able to detect electricity leaks and overcome this problem with the utmost accuracy and high efficiency.

Electricity leakage from homes
The electrical wires are exposed to a short circuit, which means the connection of the positive and negative ends of the wires, and therefore in this case they must be separated with each of them wrapped using one of the insulating materials, and the checkerton is often used that limits their contact with each other again.
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