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جهاز فحص تسرب الماء تحت البلاط

If you are one of the people who suffer from water leaks?
If you suffer from a noticeably high water bill commonly without knowing the hidden reason behind it?
If you need the best waterproofing to protect your residential facilities and home always?
With Gulf International Company, we will provide these services and more and completely rid you of the suffering of water leaks in roofs, upper and floor tanks, bathrooms, kitchens and water installations.
A water leak detection company in Riyadh provides qualified engineering labor to inspect the construction and complete water installations to write a detailed report on the problems you suffer to study them well and determine the best proposed solution and the most appropriate insulating material suitable for your geographical location.
There are many signs of water leaks in your home, the most important of which are:

The appearance of cracks and cracks in the walls and ceilings of the house.
A noticeable increase in the water bill without consuming it.
Signs of moisture appear in bathrooms, kitchens, and places near water sources.
Wetness of the ground structure in bathrooms and kitchens and the spread of insects.
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Detecting water leaks electronically without cracking in Riyadh
We know that when everyone needs water leak detection services, he does not need cracking or demolition in the building. Now with the pace of technology, accurate electronic devices have appeared in the examination and treatment of water leaks once and for all. It is one of the most reliable methods from Al Alamiah for its following specifications:

Ground microphone device:

The most important devices adopted by the Water Leak Detection Company in Riyadh for its international specifications in accurately detecting the location of water leakage in the walls and in the depths of the ground.
It depends on the hydrogen pressure, which is responsible for clarifying the location of the leakage inside the water pipes and pipes.
Scientifically proven to pass leak checks correctly with 90% without errors.
Frequency oscilloscope:

One of the most important electronic devices provided by the Gulf International Company, it examines the location of the leak by issuing a vibration inside the water pipes to identify the location of the leak, especially the hidden leaks that are difficult to clear.
It determines the location of the leak with high accuracy and clarity. It is a device connected to a screen that gives an alert to the place of the leak for immediate intervention and solution to the problem.
Thermal camera device:

The best accurate devices in detecting water leaks, it is characterized by giving a detailed report on the location of the leak inside the water pipes.
Thermal cameras rely on infrared inspection that shows the location of the leak at the highest level in walls or underground pipes, regardless of its depth.
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Gulf International Water Leak Detection Company in Riyadh welcomes you with the first specialists in testing water leaks with the latest electronic devices. Our company is not a start-up company, but rather has licenses, experience and certificates that support its long experience in the field.
It deals with the most difficult problems resulting from water leaks and discovers through these devices the type of leakage, the places of its occurrence, its causes and the duration of its danger to the building in order to develop the optimal solution around its treatment.
The water leak detection company in Riyadh specializes in the accurate and clear examination of water leaks to treat them permanently to ensure that they do not happen again.
Gulf International Company deals with different types of leaks, including (apparent leaks - hidden leaks):

Visible leaks: They are among the most prominent types that are easy to identify due to the presence of signs and indications of where they occur. They may occur with water taps and as a result of heavy rain in winter if buildings are not insulated.

Hidden leaks: They are the most dangerous type and affect the buildings because they are not recognized until after a period of their occurrence through electronic detection, as they usually occur in water tanks, water and sewage pipes and extensions.

Why is Gulf International Water Leak Detection Company the most distinguished in the field?

Careful examination of your problem: The advantages of the water leak detection company in Riyadh differ from everyone else with careful work, as it performs advanced examination and professional maintenance that keeps the building from being exposed to leaks.

Inspection of water leaks without cracking: Gulf International Company provides leakage detection devices without cracking and drilling, which are used in residential and commercial buildings, water plants and sewage installations, to rely on modern technologies that locate leaks with high clarity.

Writing an accurate report on the problem: Our company is keen to work in accordance with the guidelines and strategies of the company's largest specialists and technicians, as it is an essential step to avoid future errors after maintaining the problem.

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