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اصلاح أعطال الكابلات بالرياض
Electricity is one of the most important things that we cannot do without, due to its great importance in daily life, and therefore there is a need for companies specialized in repairing cable faults.

This is in order to avoid the problems that may result from these malfunctions, including damage to many household appliances due to the sudden interruption of the electrical current to them, and therefore the repair of cable malfunctions is resorted to in Riyadh, in order to avoid all the problems that can occur as a result of this malfunction.

Check for electrical cable faults without cracking
So that you can find out the location of the fault in the electrical cables and know their cause through normal methods, this will cost you a lot of money and this is due to a natural result of the cracking operations that will take place, so that you can see the cable and deal with it.

But in light of the great development witnessed by many fields, including electricity, it has become easy to locate faults and deal with them, which is available in repairing cable faults in Riyadh, which has many inspection devices and repairs all cable faults, without any cracking. .
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The companies specialized in repairing cable faults in Riyadh have a large number of modern devices and equipment through which it is possible to easily detect these faults, and these devices are among the best inventions that have been witnessed in recent times, because once this device is passed on the wall, the detection About the cable starting from the main feeder to the various branch connections and then being able to overcome these faults and fix them.

The main problems of electrical cables
There are a number of problems that companies specialized in repairing cable faults in Riyadh can overcome with the utmost ease and accuracy, with the possibility of providing this service without breaking walls, and the most important of these problems are the following:

One of the problems that can happen to cables is the breakage of the cable's insulation.
The copper wires on the inside of the insulator come into contact, resulting in a short circuit.
Disconnecting one of the subconductors and thus opening the electrical circuit and thus cutting
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The companies specialized in repairing cable malfunctions in Riyadh are able to locate the fault of the cable, due to the availability of a large number of workers and technicians trained to deal with all these faults and repair them with the utmost precision and without any damage to the paint or cracking of the walls, relying on a large group of modern devices And developed, which are used in the examination and identification of malfunctions, and this is done through the following:

Determining the quality of the cable is done through copper sulfate testing and also annealing.
Through the aluminum tensile and sheathing is tested.
Several general tests are performed, including conductor resistance, insulation thickness, and overall diameter.
Perform a physical test for the insulation and sheath.
Acceptance test.
Routine testing including high voltage testing as well as insulation and conductor resistance.
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