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To complement the discussion about free water leak detection, there are some indications that a leak has occurred, most notably the following:

Water bills are higher than normal every month for no other reason.
Also, there are a few water points on the floors for no apparent reason.
In addition to the accumulation of water on the bathroom and kitchen floor, especially since this is one of the most dangerous places for this problem.
Also, paint the walls falling as a result of water leakage from a water leak detection company for free.
The appearance of dark or green spots on the walls caused by rot and bacteria associated with water leaks called algae.
One of the biggest signs of a water leak is the water coming out of the washing machine drain during the wash cycle.
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Water leak detection companies offer us a lot of advantages and services, we will explain them as follows:

We have an integrated team of skilled workers and technicians who have the ability to detect water leaks for free with the utmost ease and professionalism.
We also have the latest early detection devices for water leaks without the need to break walls or floors.
Our company grants the client a certificate that guarantees the quality of the service provided for a period of five years.
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We have the latest sanitary products from pipes, faucets, faucets, sewage systems and other sanitary ware with a warranty certificate against manufacturing defects.
Through the free water leak detection company team, we follow up on the customer periodically and check the sewage lines every three months.
Regular follow-up of customers every three months is free or at half price.
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When the water bill is higher than the normal or normal usage, the customer prepares the report through the professional engineer of the insulation approval company:

The report seeks to clarify the extent of the increase in consumption and the extent of exaggerated water bills, while noting problems with water meters and an increase in readings under normal conditions.
Sometimes, water companies may reject reports submitted by customers but with a free water leak detection company we guarantee that the customer submits a full report on the problem
We also ensure that the company accepts the report. There is a significant increase in the bill.
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