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Open windows and curtains to allow the sun to enter the house, as the sun helps to get rid of viruses, bacteria and germs that are present in the house, so you should make sure that the sun enters the house continuously, and all furniture and furniture in the house should be exposed to the sun’s rays to ensure that bugs do not appear The bed in your house.
One of the things that must be taken into account and is very important is that you ventilate the house, so you have to open the windows in the house so that the air and oxygen are renewed in it.
Stay away as much as possible from using the feather duster to clean dust, as it leads to the transfer of dust and dust from one place to another, so it is better to use a piece of cloth to remove dust and dirt.

كشف تسربات المياه بالمدينه المنوره

Do not enter the house with shoes to prevent the transfer of dust and dirt, as they get stuck in the carpets and the various floors of the house.
Clean glass and windows in the evening and at night. Cleaning the glass during the day and sunlight leads to the creation and formation of deposits that remain on the glass as a result of high temperatures, so to get the luster you want for the glass, you should avoid cleaning the glass during the morning.
Care and attention to cleaning wooden surfaces at home, you should clean the places where the wood is with a piece of non-wet cloth or use materials for cleaning wood, as exposure of wooden surfaces to water leads to wood damage.
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